Brownie pack celebrates landmark golden jubilee

One of the Girl Guide movement’s most successful Brownie packs in Nottinghamshire has celebrated it’s golden jubilee with a celebratory teddy bears’ picnic in the guide movements centenary year.

The 1st Newthorpe Brownies marked it’s 50th anniversary with a celebratory teddy bears’ group picnic picnic at it’s Newthorpe Baptist Church headquarters.

1st Newthorpe Brownies group with leader Angela Hudson, celebrating their Golden Jubilee

1st Newthorpe Brownies group with leader Angela Hudson, celebrating their Golden Jubilee

What’s more, the landmark occasion also coincides with the 100th anniversary of the launch of the overall Brownie movement.

In Newthorpe, leaders cut a cake as part of the event that had been made by Jane Hoddle and her daughter Amy and shared it with those present.

A new group badge, which was designed as part of a competition by Freya Weightman, 9, has also been made as part of the jubilee celebrations.

A star has also been named after the group by the astronomical authorities. There has been a special certificate and trophy awarded to the group naming the star.

Group leader, Brown Owl Angela Hudson, said that they hope it will shine over them in years to come, after being named after the pack.

She added: “To reach our 50th anniversary is simply an amazing achievement and serves as a tribute to those who laid the foundation stones in the beginning and others who have gone on to contribute to their success.

“This is a really eventful year for us and to mark the Brownie movement’s centenary we as a group have set ourselves a challenge of completing 100 different activities each relevant to consecutive years from 1914 onwards.”

Angela has been involved with the 1st Newthorpe Brownies since she first joined as a Brownie in 1980, she then became group leader in 1994.

She runs the group with the help of her dedicated assistant, Jessica Alton, who has chalked up 15 years with the group.