Broxtowe MP receives death threats in a card

Anna Soubry, Conservative MP for Broxtowe.
Anna Soubry, Conservative MP for Broxtowe.

Kimberley’s MP has vowed not be stopped from doing her job despite receiving a “horrible” death threat.

And Anna Soubry, Conservative MP for Broxtowe, which includes Kimberley, said the card which was sent to her Parliamentary office is not the first time she has been threatened.

So far three people have received prison sentences for threatening the MP.

One is serving time in prison and the other two were issued suspended sentences.

Ms Soubry said: “There is nothing wrong with a healthy debate – that was is a democracy is.

“However, threatening the safety of MPs trying to stop them doing their job is dangerous for our democracy. The threats are unacceptable. It’s not just about how I feel about them, but what it’s trying to do, which is stop me doing my job.

“It is not very pleasant.

“People also forget that I have a team of hardworking people who are often the recipients of horrible abuse.

“The death threats have been taken so seriously that not only have the police investigated but three people have received prison sentences.”

Ms Soubry has said she believes the reason she is getting the treats is because of the way her views are portrayed in the national media.

She said: “Some newspapers quite falsely stated I’m trying to stop Brexit and this stirs up a lot of horrible messages, emails and phone calls to my office.

“I’m not trying to stop Brexit, I’m trying to get the best deal for the country and I’m not going to be stopped by deaths threats and abusive emails and tweets.

“I have accepted we are leaving the EU. I voted to start the process and I voted that we will leave the EU in March.”

Eighteen emails have also been sent to members of the Tory Party in Broxtowe urging them to deselect Ms Soubry.

She said: “They falsely claim I am trying to thwart or stop Brexit. Only one of these emails is from a constituent and none from Party members.

“But they are effective in worrying association officers, many of whom would prefer an MP who didn’t trouble the whips and kept their head down on this most divisive of subjects.”