Bus passenger will stay loyal to firm

Jean James is angry the 101 service to eastwood is stopping.
Jean James is angry the 101 service to eastwood is stopping.
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A pensioner from Moorgreen is furious after hearing a bus service that takes her shopping twice a week is due to be scrapped.

Jean James has used the 101 Doyles service to Eastwood for 15 years - and although another service has been put on by Yourbus, the pensioner said she will not use it on principal.

“Doyles has given us such a good service that I feel loyal to them,” she said.

“When it stops, I won’t use the other one.

“I’ll wait for my husband to get home and he can take me in the car. It’s a principal thing,” she said.

Mrs James said she felt ‘disgusted’ it had been taken over by a bigger company with more money.

“It’s down to unfair competition. It’s such a shame a big company can come in and shove the little ones out.”

The 75-year-old, of Brunel Avenue, said she has relied on the bus for many years – using it every day when she used to work.

“I used it every day to get up to Eastwood because I’m all the way down Engine Lane.

“Now I use it twice a week to do my shopping. I’ve had heart trouble and have had my knees and hip done so there’s no way I could walk.

“Malcolm the driver goes out of his way for his passengers. If you pass the shop you’re going to, he stops and drops you off before the bus stop. He’s wonderful”, she said.

The 101 service is due to stop at the end of next month. It goes from TSB in Eastwood, through residential streets including Mill Road, and goes on to Moorgreen and then Newthorpe before returning back to Eastwood.

Doyles director Kirsty Doyle said: “Malcolm has been driving that route for 14 years and he is absolutely gutted.

“Unfortunately it’s not financially viable anymore. Yourbus have got a lot more money than us so can manage the costs easier.”

A spokesperson for Yourbus said: “Our services have been well received by residents in the area and we’re more than happy to employ Malcolm on these routes to maintain continuity.”