Bus service will open new doors


JOB and training opportunities opened up to people in Eastwood, Brinsley and Selston this week after a new bus service was launched.

The Premiere number two bus service will take people to Sherwood Business Park in Annesley and on to Hucknall tram stop and Hucknall train station – meaning residents will be able to access a whole host of businesses, colleges and key areas such as Nottingham city centre.

Councillors Gail Turner, David Darby and Sam Wilson campaigned for the money to fund the new service after receiving complaints from people having transport difficulties.

They carried out a survey which confirmed people’s concerns and secured £330,000 from the European Regional Development Fund.

Cllr Turner said: “There are so many people who don’t have their own tranpsort missing out on the job and training opportunities because they just can’t get there. Once you can get to the tram and trains you can get anywhere.”

The service takes off on Monday, August 1, and will go from Eastwood and Brinsley, on to Selston, Jacksdale and Underwood and finally on to Annesley and Hucknall.

The buses will run every hour Monday to Saturday from 6am to 9pm, and at peak times they will run every half hour.

Funding will last three years, at which time the service is expected to be self-financing.

Nottinghamshire County Council is managing the service and said it would help hundreds of people get to work.

Cllr Richard Jackson, the county council’s portfolio holder for transport and highways, said: “We are very grateful for the funding. We are using it to help people take up work at places they would not otherwise have been able to get to.

“It will allow people who currently drive to leave their cars at home and help reduce congestion and carbon emissions.”

The service will also provide transport for pupils travelling to schools in the area, with around 200 schoolchildren a day expected to use the service.