Bus stop move after protest and a petition

CAmpaign to remove bus stop in Newthrope Common
CAmpaign to remove bus stop in Newthrope Common

A problem bus stop is being relocated in Eastwood following protests by local residents and councillors.

The bus stop in Newthrope Common has caused parking problems for residents for years and after a petition was submitted, Nottinghamshire Coiunty Council agreed to move it.

The bus stop is in front of a row of terraced houses with no off-street parking.

There is also a thriving pub which attracts a lot of customers due to parties, skittle matches and darts matches, which bring more traffic and exacerbate the problem.

Residents got in touch with Eastwood town councillors Tony Rowland and Keith Longdon, and the bus stop is now being moved to several yards down the road where residents have driveways and there are no objections.

Cllr Keith Longdon, who represents Eastwood on Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “Parking on Newthorpe Common can be extremely difficult and at times impossible. I was approached by a group of residents and understood totally the daily problems that were occurring.

“I approached the appropriate departments and presented a petition and am delighted with the response. It’s a win win situation for the residents.”

The suggested location for the new bus stop is in front of two large residential properties which stand a long way back from the road with long driveways.

Elliott Mizen, the facilities and partnerships manager at Nottinghamshire County Council said: “Our bus stop policy indicates that a bus stop will not be moved unless there are concerns about highway safety. However, I have chosen to make an exception in this case because a suitable alternative location for the bus stop was identified that did not impact on passengers and which was supported by all residents involved, including those at the new lcoation.”