Business group needs new members

Kimberley Business Group needs new members to generate fresh ideas to regenerate the town.

The group was set up in 2007 to improve the footfall in Kimberley and has since secured £750,000 funding to help the town’s businesses.

Kimberley Business Group was instrumental in securing funding for the restoration of the war memorial, the road re-surfacing and the other recent improvements in the town centre.

But group member Ken Rigby said new people are needed, for new ideas.

“We desperately need new members,” said Mr Rigby. “We have come up with our ideas and we now need some fresh blood to come up with some new initiatives and identify some different needs for the town.”

Kimberley Business Group meets once every two months on a Friday morning.

Anybody interested in joining should ring Mr Rigby on 07855 982 653.