Brewery group meets owners

a CAMPAIGN group set up to protect the Kimberley Brewery site met with the new owners to find out what out what they had planned.

The Save Our Brewery (SOBS) group met with Rafiq Vindhani and Nazir Malida to find out if any plans had been made and to tell them how they would like to see the site developed.

Mr Vindhani told the group he is currently looking at repairing a lot of the damage to the buildings. and is consulting with community groups and businesses that had shown an interest.

He said: “We have to restore the state of utilities which have been damaged and are carrying out repairs from the past. It is important to renovate to suit the end uses of the buildings and to get the balance between conservation and cost right.

“I have consulted locally as any business venture on the site must be sustainable for the future of the community,”

Mr Vindhani added. “Currently we are working with a range of interested parties who are offering temporary and long term business possibilities for the site. The interest has been overwhelming.”

The managers of Amfaah Investments Ltd said they had met with community groups such as the Kimberley, Eastwood and Nuthall Tram Action Group (KENTAG) and also representatives from Broxtowe Borough Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.

The businessmen said they hoped for a mixture of employment, residential and environmental regeneration and said more definte decisions would be made later this year.

Mr Vindhani said: “I hope with the help of the local community to make the former brewery site the Pride of Kimberley. We want to develop the site for common good.”

Chair of SOBs, Darren Warner said: “After the heartache of closing the brewery it is encouraging to deal with professionals like Mr Vindhani.

“His vision matches ours and we will work with him to ensure that the buildings retain their iconic status for the town.”

Mr Vindhani is appealing for local experts in architecture and planning to get in touch with ideas.