Cafe will attract trouble-makers

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A CAFE in Nuthall has been given the go-ahead despite concerns from members of the public that it will make anti-social behaviour in the area worse.

Councillors say the anti-social behaviour in area leaves residents living ‘in fear of their lives’ and the cafe would ‘add fuel to what is already an intolerable situation’.

Cllr Derek Burnett said: “We have had years of anti-social behaviour, crime and serious drug offences.

“Local residents constantly live in fear of these people and are subject to intimidation both inside and outside their properties.

“This cafe would bring a further meeting place for these miscreants and would only add fuel to what is already an intolerable situation”.

Cllr Jill Owen echoed Cllr Burnett’s comments, and also said there was not adequate parking for another business in the road.

“It would act as a magnet for undesirables to meet and carry on with the mayhem they have caused in recent times and there’s not adequate car parking,” she said.

“Customers for the local shops already park on the road. This is going to cause further problems for local residents.”

Cllr Owen said 25 people voted against the new cafe opening up in Ash Crescent in a Community Action Meeting, and claims Broxtowe Borough Council ignored advice from the police about anti-social behaviour.

She said the council deferred the decision as to whether to give the cafe the green light last month to wait for a police report. But she said despite the police flagging up issues with problem youths, the council went ahead anyway.

But chairman of the committee that made the decision, Steve Barber, said the cafe could actually help the problem with anti-social behaviour.

“Members considered that the proposed café could improve the area and reduce the level of anti-social behaviour rather than exacerbate it as it would provide a place of social cohesion for local residents,” he said.

The committee has asked that a CCTV camera is put up and the opening hours are restricted to day time hours only.

Earlier this year someone was stabbed in Ash Crescent over a £5 debt.