Call for action after collision

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A driver sped off after crashing into a garden wall in Awsworth – and residents now want more to be done about speeding in the village.

Councillor Lydia Ball – who has got the MP and highways authority involved – said residents living in the house were “devastated” and “angry”.

The Broxtowe Borough Council Conservative member for Awsworth, Cossall & Trowell said: “It was very frightening for them. One of them is elderly.

“The driver didn’t even stop – he just drove off.

“They said if they hadn’t had the little wall there that car would gone right into their front room.”

Coun Ball, who has served as Awsworth borough councillor since 1979, said speeding traffic in the village’s Main Street had been a problem for years.

She said: “As long as I can remmber we have had problems. We have an interactive sign up and I think they get their speed up coming down the hill to see how fast they can go. The pavements are so narrow – if there would have been someone walking on that pavement they wouldn’t have stood a chance.”

Coun Ball contacted Anna Soubry, Broxtowe MP, who has now written to Nottinghamshire County Council, requesting a site visit.

Coun Ball said: “The residents have been quite concered and are looking for the county council to come up with some more measures to calm the traffic down.”

Over the years, road safety officers have been out to the village and several measures have already been taken to address the problem of speeding along Main Street.

Coun Ball said: “We have white lines for no over taking, double yellow lines, speed cameras – we have tried our best. It’s something always on the agenda at council – we never let it go.”

However, Coun Ball said not enough had been done.

She said: “We’ve never had any major accidents and I think that’s the problem – road safety think there’s no need, but there is definitely a need.

“We have got mums walking up those narrow pavements to school and nursery every day with prams. I did it myself years ago and it was terrible then.

Coun Ball, of The Lane, Awsworth, said she wanted it looking at ‘afresh’.

She said: “I’m just hoping we will get some good suggestions. Perhaps some sort of give way system in the road would slow drivers down. We want Awsworth as a village – not a through road or a rat run.”

MP Anna Soubry said: “Main Street is narrow and excessive speeding means residents and pedestrians are vulnerable. I want a proper and full review of road safety done.”

Councillor John Cottee at the county council said he was investigating the speeding allegations and he would be happy to discuss the issues once the investigation was complete.