Call for CCTV to stop car vandalism

NEAABE111012e2, Eastwood, Kathy Wood looking at one of the scratches on her car.
NEAABE111012e2, Eastwood, Kathy Wood looking at one of the scratches on her car.
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a WOMAN in Eastwood is appealing for police to put CCTV up in her road after her car was damaged for the fourth time this year.

Kathy Wood, who only bought her Vauxhall Astra last year, says cars in Chewton Street are being continually damaged by mindless vandals and she wants police to take more action to stop it.

“Police officers just give me a crime number and they go away,” she said.

“They say they will do door-to-door inquiries and that’s that. But nobody ever sees anything so its pointless. Some CCTV needs putting up.”

But the police say CCTV is dealt with by Broxtowe Borough Council and Ms Wood needs to approach them.

Last week yobs scratched Ms Wood’s Astra – which she bought new just last year – from top to bottom.

In previous incidents she has had her wing mirrors smashed up and has had huge dints put in her car doors.

And because of the number of incidents, she says she has now given up on fixing the damage.

“I’ve just had my wing mirror fixed, but it’s just not worth doing,” she said.

“It all just happened again. I can’t keep going through my insurance because it will send my premiums through the roof. I don’t know what to do. It’s just not fair.”

Ms Woods, who lives near to the cemetery entrance, said one neighbour told her there had been car crime in Chewton Street for ‘years and years’.

The 30-year-old said she even asked police officers if she could put a camera up in her house pointing out onto her car, but was told she was not allowed because it would be aiming at a public footpath.

Cllr Milan Radulovic, leader of Broxtowe Borough Council said: “Criminal damage is a police matter but we can understand how exasperating it is for the residents.

“We are already working with local people on a number of community safety options including the creation of additional car parking spaces and the possibility of some strategically placed CCTV cameras.”

A police spokesman added: “There have been 15 reports of criminal damage in Chewton Street since the beginning of January 2011.

“This has included both accidental and intentional damage to vehicles and property.

“Car and people traffic on the street has led to subsequent damage to vehicles and is compounded by the fact that there is no off-street parking in the area.

“We understand the frustrations felt by those who have had their cars damaged and regularly patrol the area in a bid to prevent and disrupt this type of mindless vandalism.”