Call for community to clock drivers

NEAABE111116b3, Moorgreen, Beauvale
NEAABE111116b3, Moorgreen, Beauvale

CONCERNED residents want to launch their own speed watch scheme in Moorgreen to put a stop to speeding traffic on Beauvale.

Paul Turner turned up to a Greasley parish Council meeting on Monday night to ask councillors if he could launch a scheme to stop drivers continually flouting the 30mph speed limit.

“For years I have had concerns about the traffic through Moorgreen,” Mr Turner told councillors.

“In the 25 years I have lived here it’s not got any better, and I’m sure it’s because people think they will not get caught around here.

“They see a nice long stretch of road and they just go. They think it’s not on the radar for being monitored.”

Mr Turner said he and several other residents would be happy to act as volunteers to clock the speeding drivers.

Newthorpe resident Doreen Lockett said: “I have walked around here for many years and it’s quite frightening. I shout at drivers that it’s 30mph because they nearly throw me into the hedge. The lorries spin you into the wind. It’s a residential area and it’s really frightening as a pedestrian.”

Councillors agreed cars speeding on Beauvale, from the Horse and Groom pub up towards Newthorpe, was a problem.

Cllr Derek Burnett said it had been ‘going on for decades’ and Cllr Mick Brown said there had been a problem ‘for years’.

“We will make every effort to try and get something resolved to get a bit of calm on the road,” Cllr Brown said.

Mr Turner and several councillors held a meeting over the matter just two days before the town council meeting with Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry and the highways authority chief, Richard Jackson.

Various ideas were discussed including mobile speed cameras, an anti-skid surface on Moorgreen corner and reducing the speed limit from 60 to 50 on the road from Watnall to Moorgreen so cars were more likely to slow down as they turned in to Beauvale.

Greasley Parish Council clerk Andrew Marshall said there had also been an increase in lorries using the road since weight restrictions had been implemented in Watnall and Kimberley. He added there had been an increase in traffic using Beauvale since the Giltbrook Retail Park had been built.

The community speed watch scheme involves members of the public standing on the side of the road with speeding monitors, passing details of vehicles breaking the law onto police.