Call to allow use of bus plug

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A councillor has hit out at Nottinghamshire County Council for not accommodating local residents in plans to enforce a bus plug near the Nuthall Island.

Philip Owen said it would be ‘easy’ to put the registration details of certain vehicles into a database to make people who live nearby exempt from the plans.

The council has installed cameras and a mini roundabout at the junction of Nottingham Road and Roland Avenue in Nuthall to make sure drivers do not use the bus gate as a shortcut to Nuthall Island.

But residents living on the Horsendale Estate say unless they use the bus gate they will have to go a mile out of their way to reach the island, instead of it being immediately on their left as they leave the estate.

They want the council to make them exempt from the restrictions, but the council says this is too difficult.

But Cllr Owen said: “It is easy to include the details of residents’ cars into the database of the camera facility so that prosecution notices are not issued to those people.

“Any minor additional costs incurred in setting up this exemption would be met out of the income generated by fines so that there would be no direct cost to the Council.

“The technology is there.”

The bus gate has been in place since 2003, but until now has been hard to police, says the council.

The cameras are now there to catch drivers, and the roundabout is there as a legality to give drivers the opportunity to turn back if they make a mistake.

Drivers will now be fined if they are caught using it between 4pm and 6.30pm.

The bus gate restrictions and the residents’ requests were due to be discussed at a meeting last week, but the item was pulled from the agenda.

A county council spokesperson said: “The Nuthall bus gate was pulled from the Transport and Highways committee agenda at the last minute so didn’t go

“At this stage it’s not clear whether it will go to the next meeting or to full council.

“It would therefore be inappropriate to comment on Cllr Owen’s comments at this stage,” added the spokesperson.