Call to rescue Beauvale riding school

Beauvale Manor riding school closed its doors in August
Beauvale Manor riding school closed its doors in August

Owners of a once-thriving riding school are calling for aid in their furious battle to find land so they can reopen.

Beauvale Manor Equestrian Riding School closed its doors in August last year and is desperate to find a plot of land to keep running.

Tracey Bettinson, 51, lives in Hucknall and had to close the rising school on Beauvale Manor Farm, New Road, Moorgreen when the landowner needed to make repairs on the house.

She said: “The sschool was so popular, so many kids and young people from all over the area loved coming to ride.”

At the peak of the school’s success Tracey kept 35 horses and had 20 volunteers and three full-time members of staff.

She added: “It was a thriving business. It was much loved and I miss it so badly – we would love to keep it going.”

Local councillors backed Tracey’s bid to keep it open, she added.

“They were on our side trying to save it because it gave a lot of children in the area a real focus

But since she lost the house in August she is struggling to keep hold of them.

Tracey has taken another job at JTS is Hucknall to be able to keep feeding her horses and her husband Andrew, an electrician, is also taking more hours.

She added: “But I cant afford to keep them so I’m having to sell them on, just because I can’t find the land to start a new school.

“It’s not easy – writing out the adverts is incredibly emotional. I love my horses.”

“We just need a simple piece of land going spare which I can look after and start the school from scratch, so I’m looking for anyone willing to rent or go into a partnership.

“We don’t need stacks of land - maybe four acres but ideally 10.”

Tracey is experienced in tending to land and has all the equipment and keen volunteers needed to start up again.

She asks anyone willing to discuss tenancy on their land to call 07852 170 199.