Calls for action on town danger roads

Traffic problems in Kirk Hallam
Traffic problems in Kirk Hallam

Residents and councillors are demanding action is taken to improve safety on two roads after three crashes and a near miss.

A petition demanding improvements at the junction of Ladywood Road, Godfrey Drive and St Norbert Drive in Kirk Hallam has been started.

And a worried dad is calling for a pedestrian crossing outside KFC in Millership Way.

In one of two accidents at the Cat and Fiddle junction in the last two weeks, the air ambulance had to airlift a motorcyclist to hospital.

Cllr Michelle Booth said of the petition: “The local resident who contacted me about this idea is a motorcyclist himself.

“He said he lives in fear for his own life at that junction.”

She said there have been four accidents at the junction – including the two recent ones – already this year.

“What more evidence do the authorities need?” she asked.

The residents have demanded traffic calming measures including a mini roundabout and an extension of the 30mph speed limit along Ladywood Road towards Spondon, on top of the current speed cameras.

Residents are now collecting signatures to present to Derbyshire County Council.

A spokesman said: “This stretch of Ladywood Road already has a speed camera, but we’re always happy to hear from residents and listen to any concerns they might have.”

Meanwhile Ilkeston resident Steven Mason is calling for a crossing at the junction of Millership Way and Rutland Street.

He said that as he and his three-year-old son were crossing the road to KFC, two cars turned in to Rutland Street without indicating.

“I had already stepped into the road. Had I stepped with my son, he may have been injured.”

Derbyshire Police have pointed out that there are already two crossings nearby.

But neither of them is near enough to the restaurant, said Steven.