Calls to remove the ‘Alps of Watnall’

NEAABE120321c2, Huge mound seen from the a path.
NEAABE120321c2, Huge mound seen from the a path.
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AN ENORMOUS pile of gypsum waste in Watnall has been branded ‘an abhorrent blot on the landscape’ by a local resident.

The huge pile of waste – nicknamed the Alps of Watnall – has got so big over the last few months, it can be seen from the motorway and the hills in the village.

Resident John Smith said: “If you go to any raised part of Watnall and look over you can see the whole horizon is dominated by this white slag heap. It’s massive. A monstrosity.”

But Broxtowe Borough Council this week defended Fernwood Fuels – the firm responsible for the waste – saying the gypsum waste was legally allowed to be there and reassured residents it was not toxic.

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