Calls to rethink viaduct plans

NEAA 30-05-12 BE 2 Cllr Philip Owen at Nuthall roundabout
NEAA 30-05-12 BE 2 Cllr Philip Owen at Nuthall roundabout

Councillors in Nuthall were set to quiz representatives from the HS2 high-speed railway about the plans for their village in a long-awaited meeting.

Nuthall Parish Council members were due to meet key figures working on the HS2 as your Advertiser went to press.

Speaking beforehand, they said they planned to strongly oppose proposals for a 50ft viaduct through the village – and ask for underground tunnelling as an alternative.

Councillor Philip Owen said they had a meeting with an HS2 representative last year, but they were unable to provide the detail they needed.

They have since been waigting for a further meeting and Coun Owen said the plan was to get a better picture of the plans and to tell them the viaduct proposal was unacceptable.

He said: “They will be telling us what it means for Nuthall and we will be telling them what we expect in return. We are looking for mitigation.

“The proposals as we think they stand at the minute are for a 50ft viaduct through the village and we find that totally unacceptable. We need them to go back and look at the possibility of tunnelling.

“It’s an absurd situation.

“They can do it all the way through London, but we have to have a 50ft viaduct through the village.”

“They have spent a lot putting in tunnelling when people have compained down south and we are no diffent.

“I’ve heard mention of it not being the right sort of terrain for tunnelling in this area, but I shall be telling them that Nottinghamshire was built on tunnelling in the form of mining.

“It needs a rethink. If more money needs putting in, then so be it. Our quality of life should not be affected as a result of this.”

The planned viaduct would be parallel to the M1t.

There would also be a ‘cut and cover’ tunnel starting in Strelley before the line goes on to Nuthall and into Trowell on its way from London to Leeds.

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