Campaign started to fight ‘crazy’ housing plans

Kimberley Residents Association has launched a campaign to cut the number of new houses proposed for the town.

The association say Kimberley will be ‘swamped’ if plans to build 630 new houses in the next five-to-ten years go ahead.

Members say the town will lose its character and the infrastructure will not be able to cope.

“The quality of life and the town’s character will be destroyed,” said Darren Warner, chairman of the residents association. “You are talking about an extra 1,000 cars, in my view, on the roads and Kimberley’s infrastructure is not up to coping with that.”

Members of the group want a full explanation as to how the figure of 630 was derived at, saying they did not add up when the latest census showed the borough had only had a population increase of 1.9 per cent.

Mr Warner believes that Broxtowe is taking on some of the burden from the city, which he says is ‘unfair’ when it is already one of the most densely populated areas in the East Midlands, he claims.

“The town has only had 2,700 houses built in the last 1,000 years, so to build 630 extra in the next ten years is crazy,” he said.

“We have been singled out for Nottingham’s overspill. It’s obvious what’s happening.

“I just wish people were being fully informed about what’s happening. Broxtowe is being asked to take overspill.”

Proposed housing sites include land off Church Hill and Cliff Boulevard, two areas off Eastwood Road and the brewery site – three areas of which are greenbelt land. The association is not opposed to the brewery housing.