Campaign to get road resurfaced

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A campaign has been launched to sort out pot holes in a Kimberley street after residents living there branded it a ‘disgrace’.

People living in Jubilee Street said they are launching a petition to get somehting done bcecause the road was ‘littered’ with pot holes and it was dangerous.

Denise Smith said: “It really is in a poor state. It’s a forgotten street in Kimberley. It’s terribly scruffy and it’s about time something was done.

“I’ve campaigned a few times in the past but nothing has ever been done.”

Mrs Smith said it had been like it for years and not long ago a blind man who lived in the road tripped on one of the pot holes.

“The pavements are just as bad,” she said.

“We have a blind man who slipped up. I went and picked him up.”

A pensioner who lived in the road agreed with Mrs Smith, saying nothing had been done for years.

“We have lived here for nine years and when we arrived there was little yellow lines around the pot holes. And they’re still there now.

“They come and shove some tarmac in the holes, but a few weeks later they’re back again.

“The whole place wants scraping and relaying.”

The residents contacted Kimberley councillor Richard Robinson who said he would support their campaign to get something done.

“It’s in a digraceful state. it’s littered with pot holes from the top to the bottom and it really is dangerous,” said Cllr Robinson.