Campaigners see red over traffic lights plan for Three Ponds junction at Nuthall

The busy junction at the Three Ponds pub in Nuthall.
The busy junction at the Three Ponds pub in Nuthall.

A campaign has been launched by residents angered by plans to install traffic lights at the busy Three Ponds junction in Nuthall.

Three-way lights are proposed for the well-known junction of Watnall Road, Kimberley Road and Nottingham Road, which faces the Three Ponds pub.

But campaigners say they would create “motoring madness”, increasing journey times and pollution and halting the flow of traffic.

Ray Calder, 52, who lives nearby, said: “This is one of the busiest junctions in Nottinghamshire. But it works best because it is self-regulating and is known affectionately as ‘Gentlemen’s Corner’ as drivers filter in turn.

“Three-way traffic lights would have a bad impact on thousands of people who use the junction every day.

“At peak times, the queues are already quite lengthy. But this plan would cause absolute chaos, while at quiet times, drivers would be sat in traffic when, normally, they’d be able to go through.

“If we have to have something, why not try a a mini-roundabout? We are sleepwalking into the worst thing possible for that junction. It has to be stopped.”

Adding to Ray’s ire is that he believes the proposal is being “foisted on us” on the quiet. So, he has started a ‘Stop The Lights’ campaign, complete with an online petition, banners and leaflets to raise awareness.

Nottinghamshire County Council is responsible for highways, but has not been available for comment.

However, it has emerged that the plan is being overseen by Ashfield District Council as part of a new housing development at the nearby Rolls-Royce site on Watnall Road in Hucknall.

It was considered that the 600-home site would generate extra traffic in the area and, therefore, as part of a Section 106 agreement, the developers agreed to help fund the lights as a means of managing the traffic.

This agreement has been questioned by Coun Philip Owen, who represents Nuthall on Broxtowe Borough Council. He said: “I have concerns about it. Traffic lights would cause more hold-ups throughout the day and, at peak times, cars would be queueing back into Kimberley and beyond.

“I think the junction could be improved without the need for lights.”