Can you donate an old iPod this Christmas to help with dementia?


Nottingham’s hospitals will be the first in the country to launch a pilot scheme which uses music to help patients with dementia.

However, this Christmas they are calling on local people to donate their old iPods and MP3 players to the programme so they can reach as many sufferers as possible.

Working in partnership with the charity Playlist for Life, staff will work with patients and their families or carers to create a playlist tailored to that individual.

Studies have shown that when people with dementia are offered frequent access to the music in which their memories are embedded, it can improve their present mood, their awareness, and their sense of identity and independence, whilst at the same time reducing anxiety and distress. 

There are special drop boxes just outside the D floor restaurant at Queen’s Medical Centre and in the north corridor and at the main Cityside restaurant at City Hospital.

Alternatively, email to donate.