Cancer nightmare spurs Eastwood mum’s party

Cheryl Jackson and husband Paul
Cheryl Jackson and husband Paul

An inspirational Eastwood mum who has been given months to live is throwing a party in a bid to make long-lasting memories for her family — and to help others diagnosed with cancer.

Mum-of-three Cheryl Jackson, of South Street, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer just six weeks ago and it has now spread to her kidneys, throat and brain.

The 49-year-old had been feeling unwell for about a year before the diagnosis and kept getting chest infections and headaches.

Doctors discovered the lung cancer during an X-ray as part of a scan for myeloma — a cancer found in the bone marrow.

But the cancer had already spread and two weeks ago she was informed it had reached her brain.

However, brave Cheryl decided that she wanted to do something as a family to make memories for her children and eight grandchildren who have been devastated by the news.

She told the Advertiser: “We wanted to take them to the seaside for the day but you can’t predict the weather and I didn’t know how ill I was going to be.

“So we thought ‘let’s have a party’. We know how it’s done, and it is the chance for everyone to come together for one day and make memories.”

The private event on Saturday at Langley Mill Welfare Club will double up as a fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Care and the Maggie’s Centre at Nottingham City Hospital, which have supported Cheryl and her family through the last few weeks

Despite the party being held the day after Cheryl’s first chemotherapy session, she refuses to let it stop her having a fantastic evening.

“I’m going to this party regardless,” she said determinedly. “Anyway, the chemo can’t be worse than radiotherapy.

“My children and grandchildren are so excited about it, and my five year-old granddaughter Imogen keeps telling me she is coming dressed as a princess!”

Cheryl’s children Kerry, 29, Kim, 25 and Daniel, 24 will all be at the memory party on Saturday with over 150 family members and close friends.

As part of the fundraising which is already at £600, Cheryl’s biker husband Paul will have his long hair shaved off in solidarity with his wife who had her head shaved last week, and male family friends will have their legs and armpits waxed at the family gathering.

Helena Monk, Nottingham’s Macmillan Cancer Support fundraising manager, said: “It’s very generous of Cheryl and her family to want to raise money for Macmillan.”

To donate in Cheryl’s honour should visit: