Cancer nurse’s fury at ‘barbaric’ closure

NEAALM110310D1 - Breast cancer screening van at greasley sports centre
NEAALM110310D1 - Breast cancer screening van at greasley sports centre

A GREASLEY cancer nurse has spoken of her ‘outrage’ at the ‘barbaric actions’ of the residents who fought to get a breast screening unit removed from Eastwood.

Carolyn Radcliffe addressed councillors and members of the public at Greasley Parish Council’s annual general meeting on Monday after the mobile unit was removed from town because of people complaining about the noise.

She said: “I am somewhat outraged at the intolerance of some local residents in Greasley. As an oncology nurse I see on a daily basis the devastation that cancer causes.

“Because of the barbaric actions of a few local residents, the lives of many people have been put at risk.”

The mobile breast screening unit was removed from behind the Greasley Sports Centre, in Dovecote Road, last month after a handful of residents complained about the noise from the vehicle’s generator.

It was the most popular and widely-used mobile unit in the entire county. Women have been left having to travel in to the city, and many people are worried that those with no transport in particular, will not bother going.

“A generator may cause disturbance for a number of nights, but soon becomes a background noise. The diagnosis of cancer never becomes a background noise,” she added.

“I hope as a community we will not be beaten by people who only seem to care about themselves.”

Nottinghamshire University Hospitals has since agreed to look in to plugging the unit into the mains supply underground.

A spokesman said this could be done when the play park behind the centre was dug up for improvement works.

Council chair John Handley agreed the unit being removed was one of the biggest negatives of the year and also expressed his disappointment at a group of residents complaining about the noise coming from the multi-use games area, also behind the sports centre and the numbers of potholes in the road.

But he praised police for their work to reduce crime, the success of the organised parish walks and the continued development of the parish sports centre and gym.

He said, after the forthcoming elections the council is planning to get together with residents in the parish to put together a four-year plan for the future of Greasley, suggesting ideas to improve the area.