Cancer patient raises cash for treatment

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A cancer patient battling to save her life has now raised enough money for specialist treatment in Germany.

Mum of two Jenny Gaunt has been fundraising for pioneering treatment in Germany since last July and has now raised enough for a consultattion and her first two appointments.

The 50-year-old has raised £42,000 of her total £200,000 target and said she feels ‘relieved’.

“It feels like a landmark.

“When we first started fundraising I was wondering how on earth we would manage to raise that much.

“But people have been so generous and have done so many different things. It’s just been amazing,” she said.

“It fills you with a lot of hope. Our friends and family have been amazing.”

Jenny has been told she has one lifeline left – immunotherapy at the Hallwang Clinic in Germany.

But the treatments, as well as flight and hotel costs amount to about £200,000, which her and her family do not have.

Now she has the money to get started, Jenny, of Main Road, Watnall, will look in the options.

“We are actually going to look at Turkey as well as Germany as a possibility,” said Jenny.

“In the last year Turkey has made a lot of inroads to catching up and it might be that we can get more for our money there.

“It’s really important to me and my family that we give every option a chance. Unfortunately the only option we have left is to pay.

Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2015, and it quickly spread to her bones. It spread further in May last year, which was when doctors said nothing more could be done.

Jenny has a 15-year-old daughter and a 21-year-old daughter, and says she desperately wants to see them go to university and get married.

“It means everything to me to see my daughters grow up,” she said.

“I would love to see Megan come through her exams, I would love to see her at university. I would love to see Amy get married.

“It’s these family moments you want to be there for. It means everything,” she said.

Over the alst six months family and friends have raised thousands at a charity ball, fashion show, dog show, car boot sales, raffles and table top sales.

Jenny went to Eastwood Comprehensive School, and recently attended a reunion of her class from 1983.

“I reconnected with a lot of old friends who have really helped. I haven’t seen them for 30 years and they have done car boot sales, a dog show and all sorts.

“Some of them are doing the Derbyshire three peaks in April,” she said.

The family is now planning the next round of fundraising events to raise the next £40,000.

“We need to now get back into a programme for fundraising because we can’t stop at £40,000. We need to urgently be looking at the next £40,000.

Just before Christmas Jenny started on a new trial cancer drug that has only just been approved in America.

It has not yet been approved by NICE (National Institute fior Clinical Excellence) but suppliers want UK users to measure its success.

But the high dose she was on gave her such bad side effects she spent Christmas and New Year in hospital.

The drug would not be able to put her into remission like treatment abroad could, however.