Cat is poisoned 
by ‘callous’ yobs

Area of Nuttall where a cat has been suspected of  poisoning with anti-freeze
Area of Nuttall where a cat has been suspected of poisoning with anti-freeze

An animal lover says she has been left “devastated” after her cat was poisoned by cold-hearted yobs.

Leslie Whitehurst’s four-year-old cat Lilly had to be put down after she returned home unwell last week and collapsed.

Leslie, of Birch Close, Nuthall, took Lilly to the vet and tests revealed she had a high level of toxins in her blood and would not survive.

She said: “She came home unwell Wednesday morning at about 5.30am. She collapsed and was being sick. She couldn’t stand up.

“We took her to the vets and they seemed to think she had been poisoned. Every blood test was just off the scale.

“We had to have her put down because she was dying.

“It’s been awful and I just can’t tell you how upset I am. I’m absolutely devastated. I don’t know what to do.

“I just desperately don’t want anybody else to go through this,” she added.

Leslie said she rescued Lilly from the RSPCA a year ago after her previous cat died, and said she fitted in with the family perfectly.

“We had always had cats and ours died after 14 years. The house was empty so we decided to get one from the RSPCA. We had Lilly and she was absolutely beautiful.

“She really fitted into the family. We can’t replace her. We don’t want to replace her,” she said.

A police Facebook post on the incident has reached 38,000 people.

Officers said it was an isolated case and they had not heard of any cats being posioned since 2014 in the Chiltern Drive area of Watnall.

PCSO Lara Holbrook said: “It’s strange because it’s an elderly area.

“Kids don’t tend to hang around there.”