Cat lucky to be alive after two dogs attack at Hucknall home


A cat is ‘lucky to be alive’ after being attacked by two dogs in its own front garden leaving it terrified and covered in blood .

The dogs, believed to be Staffordshire Bull Terriers, were being walked by a man in the early hours of Sunday morning along Lime Tree Road in Hucknall when the attack happened.

The unleashed animals entered the front garden of a house and viciously attacked the cat which made such a noise that it awoke its owners who were in bed.

“I heard what I thought was a cat fight and went to the window and saw my cat Merlin being set upon by two dogs,” said owner, Mrs Julie Stout. “It was about 1.30am and I felt helpless as I wasn’t dressed and all I could do was scream to try and get them off.

“A man came down our drive and shouted at the dogs but they wouldn’t leave the my alone.

“By the time my husband had got dressed and gone outside, Merlin was trying to take refuge under the van but the dogs were still trying to get at him.

“It was terrifying to watch.

“Merlin was covered in blood and we couldn’t tell where it was coming from. He was very traumatised by the attack and so was I having witnessed it.”

Mrs Stout took Merlin to Buckley House vets straight away.

“Merlin was lucky to be alive,” said vet, Lenka Buresova. “The cat was covered in blood and had suffered multiple puncture wounds and was in shock but it could have been much worse.”

Merlin is now recovering at home but his owner warned others to be on their guard.

“If this happens again, the next animal they attack might not be so lucky.”

A police spokesman said: “The local beat team are aware of the incident and are making enquiries in the area as to identifying the owner of the dogs.”