Cat shooting is horrible cruelty

I’M sure a lot of readers will find the shooting of Storm the cat this week really upsetting.

We have seen over the past few weeks how much people in our area love their pets.

We have been inundated with entries to our Pets on Parade competition with possibly the best ever response we have had to a competition in the paper so make sure you look at the shortlist on page nine and send in your vote.

This shows just how much people’s pets mean to them – they really are a part of the family.

Yet still there are mindless thugs out there who could so something like this to a poor innocent animal.

There are three things that are guaranteed to upset most right-thinking people: cruelty to children, pensioners and animals.

That is because these are quite often the most defenceless members of our society who need our protection.

Pets rely on us to look after them – for somebody to try and shoot a little cat is really unforgivable cruelty.

I hope the police catch whoever is responsible for this because this kind of reckless use of a firearm, no matter if it is just a pellet gun, cannot be allowed to happen.

Peter Hemmett