Cats poisoned in Watnall

Sadistic yobs have been poisoning cats in Watnall with anti-freeze.

Two cats have been killed and two are missing and residents have described the behaviour of those responsible as ‘sick’ and ‘shocking’.

Rachel Harris found her three-year-old cat Ralph, curled up behind a neighbours shed on deaths door, and had to have him put down just hours later.

“I noticed it in his eyes first, he looked so poorly bless him.

“His mouth and nose were all gunky where he had obviously been sick and when I touched him his fur was just coming out. He was skin and bone.”

“I rang my daughter at university because it was her cat. She was devastated,” added Ms Harris.

The 41-year-old described the mindless behaviour of those responsible as ‘sick’ and ‘shocking’.

“They don’t understand the upset they cause. It’s shocking.

“These cats could have belonged to a small child or been a disabled person’s companion. It’s just sick.”

“I know some people don’t like cats, but chuck water or throw a stone – don’t kill them,” she added.

Kimberley and Watnall beat manager Paul Toon said it was a ‘despicable act’ that made the cats suffer a slow and painful death.

“It’s disgusting. A despicable act. These animals are well loved pets,” he said.

“Poisoning them this way makes them suffer. It’s a very long drawn out death. The one found behind the shed had been there four or five days,” he said.

Ms Harris had noticed Ralph was off his food last week, and when she let him out on Thursday he didn’t come home again. It was also last week that her neighbours cat was poisoned and put down, so she seemed to think the poison had been put down over the Bank Holiday weekend.

The cats that were poisoned, and those that are missing, are all from the Chilton Drive area.

Pc Toons said: “We are sending a warning out to residents to be on their guard letting their cats out and we are appealing for witnesses. If anybody has seen anything suspicious we want to hear from them.”

Call PC Toon on 07525 989 434.