CCTV a ‘pointless waste of money’

A KIMBERLEY man claims CCTV is a ‘pointless waste of tax payers’ money’ if it cannot catch the thieves who recently stole flowers from beds in the town centre.

Denis Morley reckons CCTV is only used for ‘cheap policing and snooping’, and claims the fact that cameras in Kimberley have not led police to the thieves proves they are a waste of time.

“It’s about time these CCTV cameras were scrapped to save the taxpayers some money,” he said.

“Thousands of pounds has been spent on CCTV cameras all around Kimberley and the perpetrators haven’t been caught.

“This just goes to show what a very expensive waste of time these cameras are.

“They certainly don’t prevent crimes and they don’t seem to solve them either.”

The 69-year-old, of Cloverlands, attended a community meeting with police officers and other members of the public earlier this year and said he was left ‘astonished’ after one of the officers said he had a CCTV image of an offender in Kimberley, but it ‘wasn’t clear enough’.

“There had been an incident in the town and the police officer said the image wasn’t clear enough,” said Mr Morley.

“I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought ‘what’s the point then?’

“I just don’t understand why they insist on keep putting them everywhere.

“We are the most watched country in the world.

“We have got 20 per cent of the world’s CCTV cameras in England and it doesn’t make sense to me.

“They do not stop crime at all. They are used for cheap policing and snooping,” he added.

Mr Morley said one of the CCTV cameras was outside the Queen’s Head pub in Main Street which should have been able to catch the thieves in Toll bar Square.

Earlier this month the Advertiser reported how police were scouring CCTV to catch criminals ripping up freshly laid flowers in the town centre.

Kimberley Town Council said the odd plant had been going missing for several months but early in May things had got much worse with patches of shrubs and trees being stolen.

Councillors believed they were being planted in the thieves’ gardens because they were being neatly dug up and taken away.

Pc Paul Toon described it as a ‘crime against the community’.

Cllr Steve Brunt and Cllr Shane Easom launched the Colourful Kimberley initiative in 2008 to brighten up the town.

Kimberley Town Council spends £3,500 each year planting flowers at the war memorial, outside the Lord Clyde pub, on the corner of the precinct near the zebra crossing near Halifax in Main Street and on Toll Bar Square.