Change of tack after a ‘fiasco’

Eastwood Town Council agreed to hold community award ceremonies separate from council meetings after a member of the public called the last ceremony a ‘fiasco’.

Brian Fretwell said the way councillors behaved in the Mayor’s awards meeting back in May – in front of people who ‘deserved the very best – was ‘a disgrace’.

Mr Fretwell suggested ceremonies were held as a ‘special one off meeting’, after this year’s community grants were handed out at an Eastwood Town Council meeting on Monday night.

“The behaviour of councillors at that meeting turned the night into a fiasco,” he said.

“I have been to many award ceremonies, but have never been to anything like that. It was disgusting.

“Those members of the community who deserve the very best were downgraded.

“There was a wonderful spread put on that night, but people were that disgusted they left the room as fast as they could,” he added.

Cllr Keith Longdon agreed it was a good idea.

“A night like that should be a civic occasion and not necessarily a council meeting.

Cllr Josie Forrest suggested combining the annual Mayor’s awards in May with the community grants in October.

Cllr Ken Woodhead said: “Lets make it an evening for Eastwood people.”

Arguments erupted at the meeting back in May after disagreements between councillors.