Charity bonanza in memory of Mr May

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A string of charity events has been organised at a pub in Giltbrook after a regular of more than 50 years died of cancer.

The landlord of the New White Bull wants to raise money for Hayward House Hospice where Barry May spent his last couple of months.

Les Moorland wants to get together enough money to pay for a private ambulance for the hospice, after Barry had to wait four hours for an NHS vehicle to take him for an x-ray during his stay there.

Mr Moorland said: “When I heard he had to wait four hours I thought that was appalling. Everyone in the pub was talking about it, and we thought we had to do something about it. When you are in hospital that is a long time.”

The first charity event will be next Friday, April 5, where there will be an Elvis Presley tribute act. On April 13, local covers band Burn Notice will be playing and on May 27 the pub will host an all day music festival featuring 11 bands from across the county.

Four local micro breweries will be selling beer at the festival and one of the beers will be named ‘Mr May’ after the late pub regular.

Over all three events, raffles will be held and one of the prizes will be to win a slave for the day.

Mr Moorland said: “Three people have volunteered to be slaves from 9am until 3pm to do washing and cleaning!

“And on April 13 we’ll be doing rock ‘n’ roll fancy dress and if anyone turns up in normal clothes there will be a £1 fine for charity!,” he added.

As well as the slaves other raffle prizes will include boots products, gift vouchers and bottles of champagne, and there will be a barbecue and hog roast at the all day event.