Charity event for trust fund

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A HUGE charity sporting event was held at Kimberley Leisure Centre last weekend to raise money for the Ryan Lee Trust Fund.

Trustee Deb Lee has collected in almost £2,000 already and hopes to reach the £5,000 mark after she has tallied up what has been raised from the remaining 36 sponsor forms.

People came together to do sponsored gym classes and bike rides, browse the stalls selling cakes, jewellery and cards and watch the entertainment on offer from the Trinity Warriors street dancers and local singers.

The Ryan Lee Trust Fund was set up after tragic teenager Ryan died of a brain tumour aged 15.

His family wanted to raise money for specialist equipment so people with terminal illness could spend their final weeks living comfortably at home, rather than in hospital.

Mrs Lee said Ryan’s friends were ‘moved’ by it all.

“They were moved by it all again like last year.

“They are all just so supportive.

“They were there in their t-shirts with their photos of Ryan on.”

Mrs Lee said the event was even better than last year.

“It was brilliant,” she said.

“We’ve got 36 sponsor forms to come so hopefully we’ll beat the amount raised last year, which was £5,000.

“It was mad this year and ten times better I would say because we had two singers on as well which made it more exciting.”

One of the highlights of the day was said to be the sponsored zumba class

Mrs Lee said the fancy dress added a ‘fun’ element to the event and next year she would encourage more people to dress up.

The devoted trustee said the event was a good way of meeting new people, and several organisations agreed to have the Ryan Lee Trust Fund as their chosen charity for the year.

“All sorts happens from running the event,” said Mrs Lee.

“It’s just fantastic. A representative from the Goosefair Gallop in Nottingham came along and they are now supporting us for the year, along with Capital One’s IT department.”