Charity shop’s loyalty card

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Salvation Army’s charity shop in Eastwood has launched a brand new customer loyalty card scheme this week to give regular shoppers the chance to earn up to £15 worth of rewards for shopping and donating.

The Nottingham Road shop’s new ‘re:ward’ card is free and rewards customers each time they spend £5 in the shop or donate their unwanted items using one of the shop’s 99p reuseable ‘re:bags’ by collecting stamps in store.

There is no limit to how many re:ward cards a customer can complete and no paperwork to fill out, with shoppers simply picking a card up in-store and presenting it to a team member to receive their stamps.

Profit from Salvation Army shops is used to help fund the charity’s work throughout the UK such as homelessness services, elderly care, family tracing and support at emergency incidents.

Just £20 of donations could help the Salvation Army offer a week’s support for a homeless person, or a day’s vocational training for ten people at one of its day centres.