‘Children learn the value of education’

Children dressed as scientists, footballers and doctors for the day as part of a careers week where they looked at jobs they were interested in.

Teachers at Brookhill Leys Primary School said they had lots of footballers, two headteachers, an ice hockey player, a paleontologist and a dog groomer among others.

School administrator Tina Harvey said the children “absolutely loved it”.

For the rest of the week, parents came in to talk to the children about the different jobs they did.

Ms Harvey said: “It was really good. We had a fire engine parked outside, we had nurses come in and others who worked for the health service.

“We also had a food scientist and a paramedic which I think were two of the children’s favourites.

“It was lovely to see the parents come in and get involved. Everybody seemed to really enjoy it.”

The school does something each year on careers but this year was the first time they spent a full week on the subject.

Headteacher Jacquie Sainsbury said the aim of it all was to ‘inspire’ the youngsters.

“It’s to give them aspiration and advice about what they might want to do in the future, and let them see how important their education is if they want to get a decent jon when they’re older.”

Year six pupils did ‘mock interviews’, with the teachers acting as employers.