Children’s home plan is re-submitted

Over 100 people turned out to a public meeting in Nuthall after hearing controversial plans for a children’s home are to be re-submitted.

Plans for the home in Roland Avenue were withdrawn earlier this year due to massive public objection, but the application is now being re-submitted at the end of the month.

Nuthall Parish Council wanted to update the public on plans, and hosted a meeting at the Temple Centre on July 2.

Nuthall councillor Phillip Owen said: “We had to advise people on what was happening with the new application because people were hearing it on the grapevine, and there was a lot of Chinese whispers. People also wanted to know how to object to the proposals.”

G4S – the firm applying for the home – plan to host a public meeting and presentation about the plans on July 20.

Cllr Owen said there was ‘total hostility’ to the proposals at the meeting.

He said the people of Nuthall had ‘grave concerns’ about the amount of trouble the home could bring, and about traffic problems.

“G4S ran a similar home in Northampton and within a nine month period there were 77 visits from the police,” he said.

“There will also be an increase in traffic because of visits from residential staff, social workers, health visitors and so on. The area already has huge traffic problems.”

Nuthall resident Jeff Buck said the people of Nuthall were being unfair protesting about the plans, and were lacking compassion.

“People are being unfair. They have a right to their opinion obviously, but it seems people are assuming the home will bring trouble when this isn’t necessarily the case.

“There’s a lack of compassion demonstrated by the people of Nuthall.”

Mr Buck also said it was ‘inappropriate’ for the parish council to hold a public meeting ahead of the new application being submitted, and before hearing what G4S had to say about the plans.

“There may be some changes to the original application when it is submitted again, so why have a public meeting when you don’t yet know the facts?,” he said.

“I think if you are going to have a public meeting about it you should have G4S and the county council there. It just seems unfair to me.”

The application will be for five children to be based at the home at 1A Roland Avenue.

Over 200 people attended a public meeting to protest about the plans back in March, and soon after it was withdrawn.

A spokesperson for G4S said: “A public exhibition is being held at The Temple Centre on Nottingham Road on July 20 from 4.30pm to 7pm. Information will be available about the home and how it would operate – and members of the G4S Children’s Homes team will be on hand to answer any questions.

“Around 300 homes in the immediate area will receive letters inviting them to the exhibition day and other local stakeholders have been informed.”

Paul Cook, Managing Director of G4S Children’s Homes, said: “This would be a normal family home for children whose circumstances mean they can’t live at home or with foster families – often as a result of situations out of their control.”