Christmas at Eastwood Age Concern

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Eastwood Age Concern opened its doors on Christmas Day to welcome pensioners for a festive meal and entertainment.

Volunteers picked up members from their homes before treating them all to a traditional Christmas dinner party.

Before the meal, sherry was served and games played, including pass the parcel, bingo and a quiz.

Members were then invited to open their Christmas present before sitting down to eat at 1pm.

The turkey was fresh from Barlows Butchers, Newthorpe, and a lot of the shopping came from Marks and Spencers.

Josie Marsters, of Eastwood Age Concern, felt the whole day went well.

She said: “I would like to thank our volunteers for their sterling work on the day and from feedback, we know the day was well received. Reading comments on Facebook was quite humbling.

“It was my husband Graham who first suggested opening up on Christmas Day as the two of us had hosted a few Sunday lunches for our members this year which had gone down well.

“When I mentioned our thoughts to Joanne our Cook at the Colin Dyson Centre said she would like to offer her services too.”

Age UK are running a loneliness campaign and as part of the campaign, the Christmas Day event gained monetary support.

Ms Marsters added: “From my prospective, since being more hands on as a volunteer over the last 18 months, I’ve been more aware of how many people live alone through either having no family or indeed their families living a distance away.

“I like to think that our efforts on Christmas Day was for those people that would otherwise have spent the day alone.”