Church to be refurbed

The Rev. Barbara Holbrook inside the Holy Trinity Chruch, Kimberley.
The Rev. Barbara Holbrook inside the Holy Trinity Chruch, Kimberley.

A huge refurbishment project will soon be underway at Holy Trinity Church in Kimberley.

Planning permission has been given for the makeover and priest Barbara Holbrook is now waiting to hear if the application for funding has been successful.

The project - set to cost £500,000 in total – includes incorporating a new community church hall facility inside the church.

The current church hall building is deteriorating and will be sold off to make way for two houses.

The makeover will see new toilets fitted in the church, a new kitchen, a new choir vestry, the floors re-laid, and underfloor heating put in.

The church will be decorated, re-wired and have new lighting installed.

Revd Holbrook said: “We are going to take the pews our of the church to make space for the community facility.

“We will have cupboards to divide the worship space ansd the community space but they will be moveable for big events and concerts.

“On Sundays we don’t need the whole of the church so it makes sense to do it this way.

“Two thirds of the building will be comunity space, to make it the same size of the old church hall, and a third church space.”

If further funding is acquired, Revd Holbrrok said the plan is to even out paths outside the church making better access, and making a safer outside space for children to play in.

She also would like to move the entrance of the church further up Church Hill.

Revd Holbrook said it was great to be able to give the community regular access to the main church building.

“I’m really excited about it all.

“We want to have more access for the community to come into the building because at the moment it’s locked other than on Sunday mornings.

“It’s also good for securing the future of the building.

“We can focus our finances on maintaining one building in good order.”

The first phase of the work is due to cost £300,000.

The church already has 75 per cent of this cost througn the sale of the church hall land, money raised and legacies left.

An application has been put to WREN for a grant for the other 25 per cent.