Clocks go forward: Don’t forget!

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It’s that time of year again where the nation shares a collective sigh of despair as they come to the realisation that they’ve lost an hour in bed.

Not to fear though, this Sunday, March 30 marks the start of warmer days and spring joy as the clocks go forward an hour to mark the beginning of British Summer Time.

Daylight Saving Time was originally proposed by William Willett in 1907 after he complained that there was a substantial ’waste’ of daylight in the mornings.

He tirelessly campaigned for the government to make a change and eventually, they did, a year after Willett’s death in 1915, with the first day of British Summer Time introduced on May 21st, 1916.

Don’t forget, whilst most smartphones automatically change the time themselves, your watches, older phones and ordinary and digital clocks don’t so make sure you’re not late for work on Monday morning by changing all of your clocks!