Codnor’s mining wheel is dedicated at a ceremony

Dedication of Codnor Mining Wheel March 2012.
Dedication of Codnor Mining Wheel March 2012.

CODNOR’S mining wheel has been officially dedicated at a special ceremony.

The wheel mounted on land at the top of Heanor Road, near the traffic lights at the Market Place, is a monument to all the people from the Codnor area who worked in the mining industry.

The project was first mooted in the late 1990s as a potential one to mark the Millennium, but there were problems finding a suitable wheel to use.

But eventually one was found - the other half of one erected in Shipley Country Park.

Such mining wheels were originally part of the pit head.

Cllr Chris Emmas-Williams, leader of Codnor Parish Council, which organised the ceremony, told guests that the disused Codnor wheel was originally taken to Doncaster, but was quickly brought back to be erected in the centre of the village.

The area round the wheel has also been landscaped and there is a plaque.

He said: “Codnor’s mining wheel will be a monument to all the people who toiled, and in some cases died, working in the mining industry for many years. “There are plenty of war memorials around all towns and villages, including Codnor, but the parish council believe that this industry should also be remembered for the efforts of miners also contributing to the war effort and the household budgets of the village.”

He thanked all the people who had helped bring the project to fruition, including Kevin Balls, of JC Balls, of Ambergate, which had taken the wheel to Doncaster – then fetched it back and placed it on the fixings in Codnor.

The ceremony was attended by retired miners and the dedication carried out by the Rev Terry Williams.

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