COLUMN: Cash grant to get county moving, by Coun Kevin Greaves

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Nottinghamshire County Council has been awarded £845,000 of Government funding to help promote green transport opportunities.

The money is for ‘Get Moving Nottinghamshire’ which is money from the Government’s Department for Transport Access Fund. The bid was supported by a range of partner agencies including local colleges, employers, district councils and D2N2LEP.

It will help to deliver an ambitious plan to help people to cycle, walk and use the bus to access work and travel opportunities.

The Government money for ‘Get Moving Nottinghamshire’ forms part of a wider £2.5m scheme which will see the introduction of 12.8km of new cycle routes in Newark and Mansfield, a range of public transport incentives, walking and cycle maps and travel information packs.

The planned package of measures aim to boost employment opportunities for employees, job seekers and school leavers where new housing development is planned and to help reduce journey times, tackle congestion and address local air quality issues.

In relation to Get Nottinghamshire Moving, by 2023, the scheme could see:

• An estimated 1.5m fewer car trips on Nottinghamshire’s roads, directly improving local air quality and creating extra highway capacity for future growth

• Up to 450,000 additional local bus trips, 465,000 additional walking trips and 195,000 additional cycle trips generated through the measures.

• An extra £1.95m of gross value added to the local economy from jobseekers supported into employment

• A net reduction of approximately 3,300 tonnes of CO2e and 21 tonnes of N2O emitted

• Almost £2.3m of monetised local public health benefits arising from increased levels of walking and cycling.

These funds are fantastic news for many of our local communities. Both will help promote sustainable transport opportunities and boost local environments.

The ‘Get Nottinghamshire Moving’ scheme will support economic growth by providing walking and cycling routes for people and businesses in new housing and employment growth areas as well as bringing health benefits and boost the environment by reducing air pollution, and promoting green transport.

There are wider economic benefits associated with encouraging jobseekers, apprentices, and young people transitioning to further education, employment and training to walk, cycle and use public transport in order to access these local opportunities.