COLUMN: Gloria De Piero

10-0697-1'Gloria De Piero
10-0697-1'Gloria De Piero
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The other week the Campaign for Better Public Transport released a damning report and urged the Government to take action to protect bus services as the cuts to local authority budgets reach critical levels.

Nottinghamshire County Council has lost roughly £1 out of every £5 since 2010 so it’s hardly surprising I’ve had more than my fair share of bus battles since becoming the MP here - some I’ve won like in Selston recently and some I’ve lost but I’ll always fight to stop the spiral of decline.

Fares keep going up so it’s no wonder passenger numbers are down and routes are being cut.

Protecting bus services is crucial to supporting local communities and ensuring people can get to work, school and visit friends.

I’m afraid this is an issue that won’t go away and I’m sure there are more folk out there who have concerns and their own story they’d like to share with me – if so let’s keep up the pressure.

CAN YOU HELP? – For several years now Eastwood man Andrew Lings has been involved in a brilliant project in the African country of Burkina Faso, which according to the charity Christian Aid is the third poorest country in the whole world.

I’ve got to know Andrew really well since becoming the local MP and through blood, sweat and tears at home and abroad he has helped play a part in the construction of a small school in a village near Bobo Dioulasso.

Although the school currently has two classrooms, the aim is eventually build twelve but each costs around £5,000, so there’s a long way to go!

In the meantime they are desperately trying to get enough money together to pay for essentials like new chairs and desks for the kids.

If you are interested and want to find out more e-mail

Finally, I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas. It is without doubt my favourite time of year and you can’t beat spending time with friends and family.

My husband and I have had my mum and dad with us in Eastwood this year and whatever you’ve been doing I hope you’ve had a wonderful time too.

The festive season isn’t quite over yet because we’ve still got New Year’s Eve to look forward to and I’ve got my fingers crossed that 2014 is a good one for us all.

I’ll continue to be at your service in the New Year.