COLUMN: Keith Longdon

Cllr Keith Longdon
Cllr Keith Longdon

As we welcome 2014 I have some disappointing information to report.

Eastwood Police station front counter is to be closed as of the 1st April 2014 when a review will take place on the effectiveness of these proposals.

However, Eastwood Police station will remain open where Response officers, Neighbourhood Policing teams and shortly CID officers will be based. 
The yellow phone outside the station will remain for 101 non-emergency calls or 999 for emergencies. 
With this in mind it is imperative that we support the police and record the time and date of incidents; if cars are involved then record the car number also and to report a crime in progress ring 999 or for non-emergency calls use 101. 
With our homes in mind most burglaries are committed by opportunists and take place when the house is empty; a third of all break ins occur through a back window; in 2 out of 10 cases burglars get in through unlocked doors and windows; once a home has been burgled the likelihood of it being targeted again increases considerably; delays in repairing any damage caused during the burglary and a lack of additional security improvements may also lead to a repeat burglary. 
It’s a rare and frightening prospect to be confronted by an intruder in your own home and having property stolen or damage caused to your home victims often feel violated as individuals. 
Please take extra care in securing your home and keep windows and doors locked; never leave keys in locked doors or car keys in a handy place where if your home is broken into the opportunists plan is put into reality when he/she drives away in your car!

NHW is one of the best examples of how the police and the community can work together to prevent crime. Why not join us on Tuesday 11th Church on Percy Street at 7pm. Together, let’s make a difference and work with the police and help stamp out crime in our area.

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year on behalf of the Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch.