COLUMN: Neighbourhood Watch -- David Page

With all seats taken and people standing up at the back of the Percy St Baptist church hall, we waited expectantly for his arrival. At 7pm prompt, Nottinghamshire’s Police Commissioner Paddy Tipping arrived, proving he was as good as his word.

This was a special meeting in order to tackle certain thorny issues that had arisen at our previous quarterly ENWatch meeting. One or two anti-social neighbours had been actively terrorising our members. The same problems had been aired over a number of meetings and we understood both the police and Broxtowe Council claimed nothing could be done to resolve the situation without legislation. We know our regular members. We know their families, and we know they are not troublemakers. We also know how quickly these frustrations can lead to depression and worse.

Two of our local policemen, PCSO Peter Keeley and his colleague, PC Martin Battison, were in attendance to represent the police.

Our chairman, Keith Longdon, welcomed Mr Tipping, new members and friends from Brinsley NWatch.

An excellent presentation to ENWatch, including its long history, was given by Alan Sandford and then Commissioner Tipping gave his response to how we operate.

He was very encouraging and said Nottinghamshire police were recruiting more officers.

In an upbeat address he confirmed his commitment to NWatch and believes we do a good job.

Then the meeting was thrown open for a question and answer session. Our grateful thanks go to Commissioner Tipping for giving us his valuable time.

There are many folk still not aware of ENWatch. These may be the old and infirm, the less well off and the needy families. We need to reach these people and there is nothing better than good old-fashioned face-to-face communication.

The next quarterly meeting of Eastwood Neighbourhood Watch will be at Percy St Baptist Church on Tuesday. May 14, at 7pm

Please come along and meet your neighbours.