COLUMN: Put fears aside and trust God by Revd Dave Marvin

NEAALM110504D3 - St. Mary's church Greasley. Rev Dave Marvin
NEAALM110504D3 - St. Mary's church Greasley. Rev Dave Marvin

A few years ago, I booked our annual holiday and, like many others nowadays, decided to cut out the travel agents and save money by booking on the internet.

However, once booked, the savings I thought I had made started to be eroded.

I discovered that all of the things that are automatically included in the travel agent’s price needed to be paid for separately.

Once we arrived in Corfu, the cost continued to rise when even more things needed to be paid for.

Arriving at our hotel, the situation seemed to get better - but not for long. There were still more of those hidden costs coming to the surface.

The hotel, while its outward appearance looked very nice, made Basil Fawlty’s Fawlty Towers look decidedly attractive.

Another English family asked whether we had checked out the hotel’s ratings before we booked. Like them, we had trusted what we were told at the time of booking to be the truth.

Things got worse and worse.

Perhaps one of the highlights was breakfast time when we watched to see who might get one of the dead flies that were inside the drinks machine.

When we go on holiday, especially abroad, we usually enter into the unknown and we need to be able to put our trust in those who have the knowledge and experience of the place we visit.

We rely on people who will guide, protect and support us and who we can turn to.

Sadly though, we are let down so many times by those whom we put our trust in and, as a result, become suspicious of people and their motives.

Our hotel manager’s favourite saying was “later, later” whenever we wanted to pay for food, drinks etc.

“Later, later” meant the next day and when we paid our bill he could remember far more things than we thought we had bought. I quickly lost trust in his integrity.

It seems that so often people will abuse the trust that we give them, especially in our times of trouble and weakness.

In the Bible, Jesus tells us: “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me.”

In other words, in times of trouble, Jesus tells us to put our fears aside and trust

Far too often, we become completely focused on the trials and tribulations of life as we fail to focus on Jesus.

When Peter walked on the water with Jesus, he was doing fine until he took his eyes off Jesus and looked at the waves and the danger they presented.

The same is true of us today.

God can guide us through the most impossible situations, but we must keep our focus and trust in Him.

God asks the question: Do you trust me?

If the answer is yes, then we can be sure that He will not fail us.