COLUMN: Sowing the seeds of love

NEAALM110504D4 - St. Mary's church Greasley. Rev Dave Marvin
NEAALM110504D4 - St. Mary's church Greasley. Rev Dave Marvin

Although I would never profess to be a gardener, I don’t like to see clutter or weeds in my garden.

So traditionally, though under duress, I have always made an effort to keep the lawns cut and have the garden tidy.

Recently, I made an even bigger effort and I have planned a few hanging baskets and planters. I do confess that I seem to have caught the gardening bug a little! This year I have gone to a lot of trouble actually sowing seeds, buying more planters etc, etc. What a real disappointment though as my efforts have been frustrated by the weather - seedlings are dormant, planters and hanging baskets lay idle, as they and I have waited and waited for the right weather conditions to kick start the season and allow growth to commence, and the plants to come into flower and reveal their beauty.

It reminds me of life in general. Adverse conditions can stifle growth and suppress potential. We can wait and wait for better conditions, for the tide to turn and, in the meantime, frustrations can grow with no apparent way forward.

The thing is, just like in the garden, we think we may think we have finished and made a good job, then we realise there are spaces which still need to be filled to create an even better result. Likewise in our dealings with people, we need to make an even greater effort to ensure a happy outcome- no hurt feelings, lack of communication or just plain apathy. We all need one another and should take care and nurture good relations. This is not an easy task though, life’s experiences can make us wary of making that effort - the saying “once bitten twice shy” springs to mind.

But I believe we do have a way forward in Jesus. He is the person who is able to turn the tide however bad the circumstances. He is the person who can feed and nurture us to allow us to reach our full potential. And just like our planters, hanging baskets and garden borders, drab and dreary at the moment, can be transformed when the right conditions prevail, with the right amount of love and care, we too can be transformed and we, too, can also help play a part in transforming other people’s lives. The whole purpose being to achieve our full potential and what a beautiful and rewarding sight that can be.