‘Community spirits’ mark a diamond day

Peter and Rose Cole
Peter and Rose Cole

Just three months after meeting for the first time and enjoying a first date at the cinema, Peter and Rose Cole tied the knot in Derby in 1956.

The marriage of Peter, 84, and Rose, 79, has stood the test of time and the devoted couple from Newthorpe have gone on to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.

Described by family and friends as “champions of the community” Peter and Rose were one of the first couples to respond to a fostering scheme created by Nottingham hospitals in the 1970s, and went on to foster kids for 18 years.

Peter worked for 31 years as a civil engineer, was a volunteer ambulance driver and served as chairman for the 1st Eastwood Scout Group.

Rose made her mark as a special needs nursery nurse and worked for 24 years with Eastwood’s Parkside School, serving as chairman of the Friends of Parkside. The couple, who have lived in Rockley Avenue for 48 years, have been blessed with two sons, ten grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

They marked their 60 years of marriage with a party at Horsley Lodge.

They were showered with cards, gifts and flowers and a card from the Queen was the icing on the cake.

“Our lives have been enriched with a wonderful family and many special friends and our involvement in fostering has kept us both young at heart,” said Peter.

“We are proud of the part we played in helping disadvantaged children and treasure the many special memories we have of helping them through difficult times.”