Concern over leisure site plan


I am very concerned about the proposed leisure site in Nuthall as being yet another unwarranted incursion on precious greenbelt land.

In the current climate no one would argue with investment in the area, but that area has suffered enough.

This is and always has been farmland and in my view it is a toe in the door in relation to corridor development west of the M1.

This land is all that is left of what was once a lovely rural scene.

Temple Lake on one side and the remains of the old Strelley estate on the other, are valuable counter balances to the chaotic hurly burly brought to the area by the M1 motorway and A610 Bypass.

You may not recall or even care how it once was but many still do.

I was up there the other day and saw a guy with a Theodolte etc, and a new fence separating the cows from part of their previous pasture, a little premature I think.

Why on earth can’t they locate a suitable brownfield site in the area, God knows there are enough of them if you look.

I guess they want to lure people off of the motorway and can’t be bothered to reclaim brownfield land. They will come at you with the old chestnuts of employment opportunities etc. These will just be more of the cheap labour service industry jobs when the borough should be encouraging proper skill based industries into the area in appropriate locations.

Please do not allow this proposed outrage by out-of-town spivs to prosper.

Oxylane the developers claim that the ‘site will not harm existing leisure/sports facilities in the area but will work alongside them’.

Who do these people think they’re kidding, a 50-acre site like this is intended to dominate the surrounding area leisure wise, make no mistake about that.

Chris Barlow,

Upper Dunstead Road

Langley Mill