Cop chops off his locks for charity

Big chop James Lieversley
Big chop James Lieversley

A caring police officer from Nuthall had his locks chopped off and donated them to a children’s cancer charity.

James Lievesley, a PCSO from Nuthall, grew his hair for over a year so it was long enough to donate to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children with cancer.

He said he wanted to do something for charity becasue his father taught him that it was important to help others who were worse off than himself.

“My dad always taught me the difference between right and wrong.

“He always said you don’t get anyhting in life for free and he always helped people out and did charity work himself,” said James.

“When you think you’ve got it bad there’s always someone who has got it worse, and if you can help someone, then why not.

“My dad used to give, so I want to give too,” he added.

James, who has lived in Nuthall all his life, grew his hair until it was down to his shoulders.

He said he wanted to do something a bit different for his latest challenge.

“I’ve done other things like walks and bike rides and I liked the sound of it, so I started growing my hair straight away.

“I can jump on a bike and cycle 50 miles but it’s done and dusted in a day.

“It felt like more of a challenge to donate my hair because it took a year and I’d grown quite fond of it! But then I thought about where it was going and who it was going to help.”

James took on the challenge with his work mate Matthew Hirst, and the pair raised £300 in sponsoship, which also went to the charity.

“I’ve got two small children and Matt has a little daughter so they definitely influenced our decision to do it,” he said.

Just over a year after embarking on the hair-raising challenge, James, 38, and Matthew, 26, paid a visit to Joe Wright’s Barbers in Main Road, Kimberley, where sylists carried out the big chop.

James’s dad biked across France, and for his next challenge he wants to follow in his footsteps and do the same.

“I think my next challenge will be biking across France like my dad did.

“I’m thinking of doing the same route he did. My dad was quite a free spirit. He bought a sleeping bag and went off for five days.

“He would just bike until he got tired and then fall asleep under a bush somewhere.”

Inspector Christine Busuttil heaped praise on her police colleagues.

“James and Matthew are an inspiration and it is admirable that they have taken on this initiative to help young children whose lives have been blighted by serious illness.

“They have done reasonably well with their fundraising and would welcome further support from anyone who would like to contribute to the cause.”

James has biked 72 miles around Rutland Water for Cancer Research and has walked to Matlock Bath and back to raise money for Headway after his dad had a brain injury.

He also took part in a boxing tournment for a police sergeant who had cancer.