Cops found heroin during search at station

Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

A man who was found with a wrap of heroin at Mansfield police station told an officer “I’ve just paid £12 for that”, a court heard.

Police officers noticed Daniel Jessop trying to put something in his mouth as they were searching him on December 13, for an unrelated matter.

They found a slip of paper containing brown powder, which analysis showed was diamorphine, said Robert Carr, prosecuting.

Jessop, 39, of Smith Street, admitted possessing the Class A drug when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Yvonne Wragg, mitigating, said Jessop had a “fairly weighty record of previous convictions” for drug-related offences, but that he was “slowly turning his life around.”

“He is trying to keep his head down and keep out of trouble,” she said.

He was fined £120 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £30.