Cops keen to arrest flasher

Flixton park Kimberley
Flixton park Kimberley
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Police say there has been four incidents where children or women have been flashed in Kimberley and they believe it could be the same man.

Last week the Advertiser reported a group of 12-year-old girls were flashed in a park, and cops have since said there have been three more incidents – including one at a school.

Officers say the first incident was back in October where six 12-year-old girls were flashed in Knowle Park, Swingate.

The girls were sitting on the swings when a man approached them and exposed himself.

The second incident was on November 12 when the man approached three 12-year-old girls as they walked to school through Flixton Park, as reported last week.

The flasher then struck at the Kimberley School later that day, at 3.45pm as kids were leaving for the day. The man, drunk and clutching a bottle, exposed himself to a group of children and ‘asked them to fight him’.

A 35-year-old jogger was the final victim just before 8pm the following day in Eastwood Road.

Neighbourhood Inspector Craig Berry said: “The man did not speak to or make physical contact with any of his victims. They were obviously shaken by their ordeal, but thankfully uninjured.

“We are working closely with the local school and increasing patrols in the area as a result of the incidents.

“I would encourage parents and guardians to ensure your children are aware of the Stranger Danger principle and report any suspicious incidents of this nature to us immediately.”

The flasher is described as fair skinned, either white or mixed race. He is 5ft 6ins to 5ft 10ins tall, in his 20s and of average build. He wore a dark-coloured Adidas tracksuit and a hat.

He is white, with tanned skin and aged in his 40s. He has longish, greasy, dark hair. He was wearing a green jacket, black trousers and scruffy shoes.

Call Nottinghamshire Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 with any information.