A DRUGS den housing thousands of pounds worth of cannabis plants has been uncovered by cops in Eastwood.

Police officers raided a house in Greenhills Road, and say they found 151 plants – which when fully grown would have netted a street value of almost £80,000.

Drugs found in Greenhills Road

Drugs found in Greenhills Road

Six officers burst into the house at 10am last Saturday morning after receiving a tip off about suspicious activity and people ‘regularly turning up at the address’.

Pc Paul Maltby said two rooms were full of ‘quality plants’.

He said 45 of them were mature and would have been worth £500 each.

Officers found the house empty, but said they had leads and hope to make arrests very soon.

Pc Maltby said: “We were unsure if someone lived there or if they were just tending to the plants. When we got inside we could see there was no evidence of anybody sleeping there.

“There have been some twists and turns but we do have some leads.”

Police were passed details of a car that had been regularly turning up at the house and Pc Maltby said officers had also recovered a ‘significant’ amount of DNA evidence and fingerprints during the raid.

Police officers sent the force helicopter up to see if it could pick up on a heat source emitting from the property after they received the intelligence about the suspicious activity at the house.

When it came back positive – indicating that an intense amount of electricity and lighting was being used – a raid was planned for Saturday morning.

Pc Maltby said drugs raids in the area were now carried out almost weekly.

In the last month over 100 cannabis plants were recovered at two houses in Nuthall, and over a kilo of harvested cannabis was found at another Nuthall property along with steroids, cannabis resin and a white powder that is currently being tested.

Pc Maltby, the beat officer for the Nuthall and Strelley village, said he had done six raids in Nuthall’s Horsendale Estate alone in the last year.

“It’s big business,” the officer said. “Where there’s money to be made, people will do it.”

One of the biggest cannabis farms ever found in Nottinghamshire was uncovered in Giltbrook back in April this year.